I used to be a high flying consultant for companies like Apple, Sony and eBay living in London, travelling all over the world and playing polo in my spare time.

I was also on the verge of burnout, felt miserably lonely and purposeless and feared to admit how much I hurt. Until one day, when I could not deny it any longer.


My beloved polo horses taught me a very valuable lesson…

In order to fully heal, one has to first fully break…

After the first polo accident – where I broke both arms and spend six weeks being dressed, fed and washed by a nanny, I decided I would get back into the saddle. I recovered from two surgeries, patiently worked on my gym routine and slowly got back into the heat of the game. And I played polo again. I won tournaments and felt invincible.


Until I fell again, in another polo tournament and broke one more bone. I did not need surgery this time and I felt lucky. It’s only a bone, it will recover, I thought and worked hard to go through all my physio and recovery sessions. 'I’ll get back again in the saddle', I thought.


And I did.

And then it happened one more time.

Because when you do no listen, the Universe is forced to scream. Another fall, my collarbone shattered in five pieces, a complicated surgery and infection that made me think for the first time that maybe my time to go has come.


And for the first time, another thought replaced the standard 'I’ll get back in the saddle'. Deeper questions hit me, things like 'Which saddle am I trying to get back in?' or 'Do I really want this saddle in the first place?'


Because, you see, polo had become a hideout to avoid the pain inside. And pain, believe it or not, always has a way to show up.


Broken boned and broken hearted, I finally took the time to look at myself.

Today, when I look back, I feel these falls and the five bones I have broken were the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

I decided to heal. Not just heal a broken bone but all that needed healing inside me. I decided to transform my life into a place I did not need any hideouts from.


So I embarked on a journey of personal transformation. I studied with healers in Thailand and in Peru. I trained as a shaman with the Four Winds Academy, the leading shamanic school in the world. I learned that in order to fully heal, we need to look at  the stories you carry within ourselves, the invisible stories that bind us to fate and decide the course of our life. And shed them.


I spent time in Ayurvedic retreats in India and detoxified my body and soul. I came back and trained with the Reiki Academy in London to become a Reiki Master. And I learned from countless teachers at the School of Intuition and Healing in London as well as psychotherapists and mind-set coaches.  I tested and chose my spiritual practices and gathered them into what I now call my Personal Power System.

Today my life bears no resemblance of what it once was. I live between England and Spain sustainably mixing work with leisure. I have moved from being a burned out, overstressed consultant to being a coach and therapist or, how I like to define myself – a personal power guide.


After being single or in unsatisfactory relationships for over a decade I met and married the man I have always dreamed of. I bought a beautiful villa in the countryside of Mallorca, a place I would have never dared to dream of. I have reconnected with a long forgotten passion, writing, and in only three years I have written five books and published four of them.

And I decided to use all that I have learned to guide others through their own journey of personal transformation.

Because, you know, here’s the clench. It’s all possible. Once you stop and take a good look at yourself you will see what needs healing. And I’m here to help you do exactly this.