If you are committed to making your dreams happen and want to courageously step into your destiny, this journey is for you….

Personal Transformation Journey

An intensive coaching and therapy package aimed at creating lasting change.


In order for change to effectively embed, I believe it is necessary to work on both the logic and conscious aspects of the mind as well as on the energetic imprints. Blending elements of life coaching with in depth energy therapies this personalised one to one programme takes you on a unique journey of personal transformation.


We will work together weekly in private sessions, face to face or remotely and you will receive instructions, support and feedback for private practices. 


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How I Work

As a coach and healer I believe in a blend of approaches. We are beings that function at different levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic. For me, a comprehensive coaching approach needs to address all these aspects.

As a certified executive coach I work with clients in one to one sessions to determine how they can accelerate their progress, remove obstacles and build the life they want. These sessions address mostly the mental – emotional aspects: decision making, planning, unlocking motivation.

As a Reiki Master and energy medicine practitioner trained in the tradition of the Peruvian Q’ero shamans I work with clients at the energetic and soul level. Here change becomes easier as energy imprints embedded in the energy fields of clients and the negative patterns they create get cleared.

As a passionate practitioner of mindfulness techniques I support clients in developing a practice of meditation and mindfulness exercises that help them conserve and expand their personal power.

Client Testimonials

"I had a few Shamanic energy medicine treatments over Skype with Roxana and was amazed at how effective they were. I felt the results immediately and powerfully as if my therapist was next to me. At the end of the sessions I felt a sense of clam and relaxation descending over me and over the following days I felt more grounded and my life more in balance. I would highly recommend the experience."


Rosario - Argentina

Types of therapies that I use

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Chakra cleaning and balancing

Mindfulness and meditation



Individual practice